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This Is Our Happy Place

That's what the doormat outside our front door says, and it's true. These last couple of years learning to homestead and being able to call ourselves "homesteaders", have completely transformed our 6ish acres and with it, how we see life. What was once a normal house with fenced in backyard (that is perfect for dogs and free range chickens!), now also has fenced in pasture areas that house the steers, pigs and chickens we raise, a large barn for the ranch boss's tools and toys, as well as a large garden that will hopefully continue to grow in size (if only Kraft Macaroni and Cheese could be planted and grown at home, sigh).

It's quiet here. We're early to bed and early to rise people (half of us are really early to rise) and we love our homecooked dinners and prefer them to going out anymore. I love to step out the back door and be greeted by beautiful fluffy laying hens, keen to the sound of the door opening and hopeful I will be giving them a treat of some kind. Cora Sue, one of my Buff Orpingtons, likes to follow me around and perch on my lap and be petted. She clucks quietly and sometimes dozes off, but is awakened quickly when Leeba, my sweet older dog, comes up, looking for any spare mealworms the chickens might have missed. Sometimes she gets lucky and follows me out the door and she and the chickens share treats on the same porch, side by side.

Tim likes the steers most I think and checks on them often, giving them some pats, as they are a good stress reliever after a hard day's work, unless they decide to break out into other pasture... He built all the fencing and shelter (by himself!) and takes care to rotate the boys areas out in the pasture to ensure the greatest yield of grass and legumes for the growing season and their discriminating palates. 😊 Rest of story to be continued...

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