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Vanity Fair Pajamas and Backyard Chickens

My grandma has a collection of soft shiny nightgowns she picked up at the Vanity Fair store years and years (and I mean years) ago on her way to visit my uncle and his family in Missouri. She gifted some to her granddaughters that looked like they’d never even been worn, but they had the distinct smell of the laundry she washes, which somehow always smells cozy and soft and to which the likes of I’ve never known anyone with the ability to recreate the scent.

These aren’t today’s sexy nightgowns, but more of a tribute to a time when women held a softer more feminine view of themselves, and to which I think might be returning. (And if you don’t have a feminine view just keep rocking what you do. I don't always have one either.)

But what about the chickens you ask? Well you see, a wonderful part about living in the country is that neighbors are not right on top of you and if it tickles your fancy to walk out in the evening in your grandma‘s old Vanity Fair pajamas to put the chickens to bed, then so be it. If they're like mine, they might just wave and carry on and not think much about it. Hell, maybe they're out in their pajamas too. Ain't country life grand?

So go out and get yourself a nightgown that makes you feel soft and sexy and beautiful and put your boots on and go on out and put those chickens to bed.

This sale is valid through July 30, 2021 at noon, PST or while supplies last. Cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.

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