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What do you DO all day?

I get this question occasionally, but it has always come from people who seem to feel that work should be done outside the home to have real value and worth. You don't just want to be a "housewife with a hobby" do you? Don't I though? Lol. I used to think the same way as I struggled to fit into society on their terms. Wasn't I worth more? Wasn't I more ambitious? This is more than a hobby though, it’s a lifestyle.

Y'all, I love this life. It's good for me. Good for the soul. Gives my husband some peace of mind. I love the free flowing structure of my day, so that I have set times for chores in the AM and PM and what days of the week I do "indoor" household chores. I love to drink coffee and feed dogs and let chickens out for the day. I love to say good morning to the cows and feed the pigs when we've got them, bake our bread, cook most of our meals, can tomatoes from the garden and make stock from the chicken bones, tend the lettuce growing in our extra bedroom, make herbal medicine capsules for me and the dogs, rendering lard, making soap bars, baking cookies and muffins, planning the garden, planting and harvesting the garden, (but could someone else come pull the weeds?), feeding the wild birds, watching herbs and sunflowers grow and so so much more. Do I love winter in Indiana? Ehhhh....I'll get used to it someday I'm sure. Plus I get to catch up on those soaps I miss in the summer... haha.

Am I busy all day everyday? No. Do I need to be? No. Our life doesn't work that way. Maybe yours doesn't either. Welcome to the homestead movement. I hope to learn more about how you keep up your household, what things you love and what things, like mud season(?), you hate in solidarity with me and the animals. Ambition and worth aren't measured by societal standards in this life.

Y'all, I love this life.

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