We believe animals raised in a more natural environment are happier and healthier and provide a better quality of meat and eggs.

Our chickens are raised outdoors in a tractor similar to the Suskovich style. Our chickens are out on our pasture where they are allowed to free range, forage in the grass eating greens and bugs, and bask in the sunshine. We also provide chicken feed from the local co-op as a supplement to their diet.

Our pigs and beef are raised outdoors on pasture as well.  Our pigs can roam and graze on clover and their diet is supplemented with vegetables, pumpkins and pig feed from the local co-op.  Our pigs love to wallow in their mud pits and we're pleased we can let them live out their pig lives happy and dirty. Lol.

The beef are - you guessed it - raised on pasture with access to minerals and lots of green grass and clover.  In the winter they are supplemented with hay and we provide some grain during this time as well as before they are sent to be processed.  PS, have alfalfa cubes for treats? The steers are your new best friend.  


Send an email thru our Contact page or reach out to us through Facebook or Instagram and we can help you place an order.  Pickup is onsite with appointment. Cash and Square payments accepted.  Thanks!